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How to search all outstanding Support Requests BEFORE submitting a duplicate

I've submitted several support requests that have been sent to development. I can see them under my ID.
When I go to the support web page for BricsCAD and drill down into 3D Modeling all I get is an opportunity to start an incident but no way to search for what someone else may have already reported.
How does one search or list all outstanding support requests to see if something of interest has already been reported and its current status?

BTW - BricsCAD / Drawing / Units contains links that produce Apache errors.


  • AFAIK there is no public access to support tickets.
    So I would say it is ok to just file a request.

    It is not that likely that yours will be the 25th request.

    Sometimes, when you look at the release notes under fixes,
    you can see that a single fix may have had 3-5 service requests.

  • Thank You Michael.

  • edited October 2019

    When you try to file a support request, by clicking on the Ask Support button, it takes you to a directory of some already-answered questions about Bricscad, or BIM, or Mechanical, or Shape, etc. The answers there don't appear to be the result of bug reports; they're just frequently asked questions. And it tells you that if you don't find your answer there you should file a support request.

    If you're reporting a bug, they want to know about it, and they fix them quickly. So if you're not the first to report it they'll just tell you that it's fixed in a newer release and tell you what number or that it's upcoming.

  • Anthony:

    Where exactly do you see this Ask Support button? I used my normal route to file a bug report and along the way did Ctrl-F searches for the word 'ask' and never got a hit. I suspect I'm ending up where's you're indicating, but via a different route.

    I start at and then click into 3D Modeling which is where I'm always at when I run into something.

    What prompted this thread is what's found on that 3D Modeling page. It says in bold font, "Didn't find what you were looking for?" . Well, no, I didn't find what I was looking for because there's no way to find anything. There's no search option and the page offers no FAQ links or any form of useful information.

    So, I backed up and tried other options including 'Drawing' ( and discovered that it does have relevant topics so I picked the top one (Units) which produces a page with dead links (404's). Swell!

    As a CAD newbie I know I'm ignorant and try to make up for it by searching for info before I yell for help. Without Ralph's book I'd be nowhere, but it only scratches the surface.

    BricsCAD's information resources are so scattered and so shallow that this forum becomes my last resort. The BricsCAD book (1) on Amazon is in Polish. The Command Reference reads like a dictionary. I keep looking for 'BricsCAD - The Missing Manual' but it doesn't exist. One of you pro CAD guys should write it and make a fortune.

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