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If I use BMinsert in v19, it behaves perfectly. But, using v20 on the same model, the window 'hugs the ground' - or z=0? - and doesn't seem to recognise the surface I am trying to insert into.
There are also a lot of options on the command line - but I don't think any of them relate to the problem I have.
Can someone help me please?


  • Hi Anthony
    Can you send a support request please and describe exactly what you do when inserting and add the model you are having this issue with?

  • Thank you for replying so quickly.
    I attach the model.
    I am pressing the BMinsert button on the ribbon and the window enters the dwg but doesn't attach to the wall.
    If I open the same window in v19, it does.

  • Can you remind me how I send a support request, please

  • the window 'hugs the ground' - or z=0? - and doesn't seem to recognise the surface I am trying to insert into.

    Is DUCS off ?

  • I have the same/ a similar Issue with BimInsert, it's almost uncontrollable in terms of getting the insert to where you want it to end up. DUCS is on, the insert floats somewhere off the target wall/floor. toggling CTRL to change size works, but you cant adjust the location. This happens on a clean new file from a v20 template with 4 polysolid walls and an extruded floor.

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  • Hi Lukas
    As I asked Anthony, please send in a support request and add the model you are havingp the issue with.

  • I just wanted to submit a file, but i have the feeling, that with yesterdays update it disappeared. Both in the old file, as well as in a new template. Anthony, can you confirm?

  • Your issue could be due to ORTHOMODE being on. This was fixed for V20.1.06

    ORTHOMODE no longer has a delirious effect on the BMINSERT command.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

  • Thank you for very quickly dealing with it.

  • edited November 2019

    delirious effect? I love it!

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