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Scale of ply hatch - and Visibility

The hatch shown on clip display and on section update is much larger on my v20 update than it was on v19. What is the variable I need to alter, please?
It is also difficult to see the hatch or the plys on the 3D model. What governs the colour of this hatch?


  • I have found out that I have to change the scale of hatch on the explorer/section plane. It is different on v20, it seems. Perhaps because it is using a new default file? Will search later, when I have more time.

  • I think this feature just got added to the section planes. In the compositions (under the material ply->appearance tab) you still have a scale and rotation value, and then sort of a "global" hatch scale on the sectionplanesettings. It gives you control on how hatches come out in the resulting section drawings . E.G. on larger scale floorplan you might want to have wall hatches display differentyl for visual clarity.. (i usually try to set them up to have the distance between hatchlines at around half the typical ply thickness, still working on the template file though)

    same sectionplane hatch scale:

    adjusted scale:

    772 x 515 - 32K
    670 x 495 - 24K
  • Thank you, Lukas.

    Is it by the same process that I can make the plys easier to see on screen? I will try and report back.
    Or someone more knowledgeable than I could explain,

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