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Composition behaviour at wall ends


is there any way to wrap compositions at wall ends? To avoid this:


  • Good Question.

    Could also be interesting for Wall Tops.

  • I just stumbled upon a solution myself, while joining two other walls: if your ply material hast "union section" and "union elevation" enabled, you can just add a simple solid with the material attached as a single ply composition to the wall end. In the elevations and sections its going to display as one solid, i guess its going to mess with the material takeoff, but since I'm more on the design than the production side, that's a tradeoff I can live with

    686 x 536 - 84K
  • Why shd it mess with the material takeoff? it's more accurate than the unwrapped version, which overstates the quantity of the core ply.

  • Maybe adding Wall Ends is something that should be done by PROPAGATE.

    But normally you would model Solids for Walls to their full length
    and add Compositions later. So you would need to adjust lengths
    for Wall Caps later (?)
    Or EXTRUDE front faces inwards ?

  • Def needs a tool for the job.

  • Well not really messing, technically it's more accurate, but Germany has certain rules what can be added, subtracted, has to listed seperately from the base surface when quoting prices...

    It would certainly be nice if propagate would recognize this kind of detail, didn't have the time to play around with that so far.

  • That sounds like the old UK Standard Method of Measurement up to about SMM6, which had detailed rules, attempting to price e.g. in this case an end-treatment as distinct from the general face-treatment. That got abandoned when the variety of such cases multiplied as novel non-craft-standard methods came in.

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