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Bricscad Unplugged and coffee cup

No I haven't lost my mind. Just wondering what happened to bricscad unplugged? Figured it would start up again with the
release of V20. The other thing is anyone know how I can order a "Bricscad" coffee cup that was shown on the series?


  • The unplugged series appeared to die right after the 2018 conference and hexagon takeover, don't know if that is related or just coincidence.

  • I can confirm that the Unplugged series has nothing to do with the Hexagon partnership. The viewership dropped after the first series and we took a view that the time spent producing the Unplugged series could be better invested improving the usability of the BricsCAD product.

  • edited February 11


  • Still like to find out how to get that coffee cup, my CAD life is incomplete without it.

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