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Right Click Functions, coming from AutoCAD

Hi all,

In AutoCAD, I particularly enjoyed the feature of right-clicking the mouse to repeat the previous command. I do notice that BricsCAD has the same which is excellent.
However when holding down the right mouse button I don't get the additional menu - i.e the normal right-click functions of copy, past to Orig coordinates, select similar etc then appeared.

How can I set up something like this in BricsCAD?


  • If you hold the right-click button on the mouse for a few seconds in the workspace, you should get the right-click menu. (see video)

  • Hi, thanks.

    Unfortunately, that isn't working.

    I am using an addon to BricsCAD (Irricad - - FYI

    The hold down right button menu seems to be disabled not only in the Irricad profile in the standalone default Bricscad profile without any 3rd party addon.

    In Irricad, a single right-click enables the repeat command. Holding down the right button (while not in a command) does nothing. This is the same with quad turned on or off.

    In BricsCAD Standalone Default, a single right-click goes to the Quad menu when Quad is turned on (an extra step is required before repeat) and when the Quad is turned off it simply repeats the command as it does in the Irricad profile. In both cases of Quad turned on or off, holding down the right mouse button does nothing.

    As this right-click menu doesn't show up in the Standalone BricsCAD version, I thought I would post the question here before seeking help through Irricad.

  • What's your SHORTCUTMENU setting?

    I keep mine at 7, and I get context menus whenever I right-click.

    If I change it to 23, I get Repeat Last Command from a momentary right-click, but context menus when I right-click and hold it down.

    All that is with the Quad off and no third-party software installed.

  • Thank you very much, changing it to 23 is what I needed.

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