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Returning "TRIM" command to desired operation

In attempting to alter another setting, I have inadvertently messed up the trim operation. The way it needs to work is that I issue "trim", select entities with a window, and then select which entities I want to trim with the pickbox. Now, when I issue "trim", it will not let me automatically select a group of entities with the mouse. I have looked but I cannot find what setting got changed to alter the normal way I work.

Please help, thanks.


  • I have just noticed that I can't use a window to select copy either. So something about selecting using a window after the issuance of a command has been altered.

  • Nevermind, I finally found something that works.

  • Hey, having trouble with what seems to be a moderately difficult For loop batch command processing

    Ultimately trying to parse 'docker image ls' command for just the images I want to delete. So my command looks like this...

    for /f "skip=1 tokens=2,3 delims= " %g in ('docker image ls') do @echo off & if %g==^<none^> echo %g %h
    It is printing the desired content but it's not returning me to the command prompt. It just sits on the next empty line and will not respond to ctrl-c, ctrl-x or ctrl-z. I have to kill the command prompt window and open a new one. kamukta

    If I remove the '@echo off &' then the desired content is displayed but so is the if-then statements which is what I am trying to suppress.

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