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Mixing millimetres and centimetres

I have noticed in the latest V20 Windows that when working in millimetres, if I go over a 1,000 millimetres with an entity it reports the length in centimetres!

If I create a viewport that is longer than a 1,000 millimetres but shorter in height than a 1,000 millimetres it shows it as for example 110.00 cm by 950.00 mm!

Is this some new kind of measuring convention or is my system playing up?

Thought I would put it out there before sending an SR.

Thanks in advance


  • I find this very distracting.
    Like when you have a cm INSUNITS file and draw and your
    DYNDIMS switch to meters. But when you input a meter value
    it will recognize input as centimeter (=INSUNITS)

    You can deactivate units for DYNDIMS,
    but if you use them, it seems that Bricscad tries to adapt units
    according to value, by any of the units activated in you
    I think the only workaround is to throw all unwanted units out
    of that list.
    Which is bad if you need to work in another project in different units ?
    Basically it should be a File Setting, not a Program Setting (?)
    so I would need a File Template Setup and adapt all imported files ?

    So it is good when you file your SR,
    at least someone will explain how it is meant to work.

  • The PROPUNITS system variable controls which value fields (lengths, areas and/or volumes) are automatically formatted (= indicate a unit). Which units are available is defined by the LENTHUNITS, AREAUNITS and VOLUMEUNITS properties.
    When you type a value without specifying a unit, the value is expressed in drawing units (= according to the INSUNITS setting. You can use any valid unit in entry fields. In a mm drawing typing 3m is equal to 3000. How the length displays depends on the LENGTHUNITS setting.

  • Hi Louis,

    Thanks for the info. I have got it back to how I had it in V19 :-)

    Many thanks

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