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Hatch issues

I've got a strange issue. When I "Hatch" a wall, it does what it has to do ( its filling the complete "boundary")... but after a while, I see that the hatch is changed ( parts missing, other parts hatched) … see screenshots.
I'm working with bricscad v18.2.07.
Anyone having idee how it comes?


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    An associative hatch is permanently associated with the boundary objects used at its creation. If you make any changes to those boundary objects, the hatch will change shape. Usually that's very helpful. But if any of the boundary objects is removed, or altered so that it doesn't complete a boundary, strange things can happen. Sometimes the hatch will get so small that you'll think it's disappeared.

    If you're going to edit the boundary geometry after making a hatch, and don't want the hatch to change in response to editing, you could make it non-associative. There's an option for that in the Hatch creation dialog. And you can convert associative hatches to non-associative by selecting them and changing Yes to No in the Pattern>Associative line of the Properties palette.

  • Thank you, I'm gonna try it first thing tomorrow
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    If you use the 'Pick points in boundaries' option for your hatches you should know that these points are stored. After moving the outline of an opening the points that were originally on opposite sides might end up on the same side, or one of the points might be inside the opening. In both cases the result will be one or more hatches with a new and unexpected boundary.
    Picking the points carefully can prevent such problems. In your example picking near the columns would be more reliable than picking very close to the edge of an opening.

    You may want to check the 'Retain boundaries as polylines' option.

    It also helps to add hatches as late as possible in the drafting process.

    Non-associative hatches should be avoided as much as possible IMO.

  • ... you should know that these points are stored.

    oh man, looking at how many years i've been around the big A and BricsCad i should have been able to figure that one out... this explains a LOT of fiddeling around with hatches :s

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    @Lukas Fertig said:
    ... you should know that these points are stored.

    I didn't know that either, and some experimenting just now showed me that I was wrong in my earlier post. The strange behavior I referred to is apparently only caused by moving boundaries with respect to pick points, not by deleting boundary objects or altering them so that they don't complete a boundary. Breaking the boundary seems to automatically change the hatch to non-associative.

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