3D Mouse on Linux

Does a 3D mouse work on Bricscad Linux V20?


  • I can't get mine to work and can't install the 3dConnexion drivers.....given up trying to find a solution.

  • Same here.
    Theoretically it should work, same as Wacom Cintiq,
    but not for me.

    There are lots of attempts for 3DConnexion devices
    or Wacom on GitHub. Mostly old but maybe one
    would work ?

  • Would the latest SpaceNav drivers work?

  • The Linux drivers from 3DConnexion ?
    Those are from 2014 (?)

    And tedious to install - for a Mac user like me.

    Or are you referring to one of the Git projects ?

  • Its actually SpaceNavd (my typo) which you can find at https://www.howtoinstall.me/ubuntu/18-04/spacenavd/

  • Thanks Peter.

    that is one of the custom tools I had tried.
    Maybe I should try again.

    Currently ElementaryOS is my only DEB based Linux,
    which has its own Pantheon Desktop Environment.

  • Michael Mayer
    edited January 2020

    Ah, I see I have it installed from AUR on Manjaro.

    Well no 3D Mouse feeling in Bricscad Shape for me.
    But it may be Space Navd which makes my 3D Mouse Enterprise
    at least being recognized in Linux.
    And it does cursor movements and strange selections for me only.

  • pk karpi
    edited June 5

    No Connexion 3D mouse not working on linux.

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