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Strategy for loss of internet?

My area has been hit with some extended loss of internet yesterday and today. Also my desktop system was havging problems, but the remote support service we have needs the internet.

I considered transfering my active bricsys v14 license to my laptop, but deactivating the one on the desktop computer requires internet plus a working computer.

I.can email, and do limited internet browsing on my phone. Is there any way I can do the transfer of the active Bricscad license?


  • In this case I would try to share my mobile Internet connection
    from the phone to the desktop.
    (Is this called Tethering ?)

    I would switch off any eMail, Dropbox, ... before, to save bandwith.
    And then try to deactivate the license online.

    You can install and activate your license on 2 machines like in your
    case with PC and a laptop.

  • In my case, I can get my laptop to share internet with my ohone8, but not my desktop, bec8ot does not have WiFi.

    Is it now permitted to activate two devices, and have them both activated at the same time? I don't think that was the policy in the past.

  • I'm almost sure you can file a support request and ask to revoke your license.
    Try this option.

  • @Joe Dunfee you already have two devices registered on your V14, both activated in May last year (you will see that when you log on to your Bricsys account). From the Bricsys account, you can yourself revoke the license a limited number of times. If your have already revoked the license the maximum number of times, you need to file a support request to get it revoked.

    From your Bricsys account you can also manually activate the BricsCAD license on a computer that doesn't have internet connection.

  • I still am not clear on this. Is this a policy change you are talking about?

    As I understood it at the time, at some point in the past, Bricsys instituted a policy where the user was only permitted one installation. Activation was done via the Internet. To switch from using your desktop to your laptop, you had to deactivate the desktop installation, and then activate the laptop installation. Both required the internet to do. If you were stuck with a broken computer, you could do a support request, but this meant you could not use BricsCAD until the support request could be handled.

    My laptop's license of BricsCAD is not active (at least as far as what my BricsCAD program reports), and cannot be used unless I activate it. Would it have permitted me to activate it, without internet access, and therefore not even possible to do a support request?

    Also, you say I have both licenses activated in May 2019. But, do you mean they are both still active, or that they were perhaps both activated, but by in succession, and only after the other was deactivated? As i said above, my laptop installation of BricsCAD will not run, unless I first activate it.


    The recent episode was prolonged because my company's remote support folks where hampered by internet problems with my provider. So, I had lost perhaps 4 hours of work, thinking I could not use my laptop. But, perhaps the policy has changed, and my laptop

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    Single user licenses have two seats, so you can activate it on two devices and alternate between them. Your license is already activated on two computers and you will see this when you log on to your Bricsys account.

    That you have two computers still linked to the Bricsys license server doesn't mean they still have the computer ID registered on the license server. You might have done changes on the computer that have changed the computer ID.

    I will send you a mail with more information on the email address linked to your license.

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    Per O Gogstad, who is a dealer in the Middle East and Africa, stepped in to provide the details of my licenses. It turned out the extra license was on a computer that had been retired (but still have around). After deactivating that one, I can activate my laptop on my own.


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