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Lost all ESNAPS

Using OSX V20.1.08, and suddenly have lost all entity snaps. I've switched ESNAP on and off via the button and the settings window. Restarted BCAD. Tried setting esnaps to just endpoints. Searched the Forum. Nothing works and I can't get any of them turned back on. I must've missed something. Anyone else experienced this?


  • update:
    kept looking for an answer and found that the Settings/AutoSnap Marker and AutoSnap Magnet had somehow gotten turned off. When these are off, the crosshairs don't snap to the closest set snap location, and the snap marker rectangle doesn't show.

  • Ahh, thanks man! I was looking for the same thing and couldn't figure out which option it was that got turned off during the last update...

  • I wondered as I had no problems with snaps.

    But I can't read my DYNDIMs.
    For me it is nearly neutralgray on gray background,
    overlayed by blue activation color.

    Thought about BC dark mode but it is the same in standard mode.
    And tried to alter the nearly dark file view background to a brighter gray,
    didn't help also.

    So, does it work for you ?
    Do you also use macOS system dark mode ?

  • Michael,
    I can read my DYNDIMs, but I use color 253 for background. Dimension lines are light blue, black numbers are in a white framed, slightly darker grey box. Color 253 is the best low visual impact screen color I could find that still shows all of the other colors for the way I work in 2D. I didn't like dark mode enough to use it, and don't care for a black screen.

  • Interesting.

    I thought Bricscad would need a restart after deactivating
    its dark mode, before it would switch DYNDIM text color
    but that did also not work.

    Wondered about your Background color choice,
    thought it was nearly white as usually 255 is white.
    I had dark gray,
    not very different from yours.

    So for fun I tried your (little bit) brighter gray 253 and BAM,
    DYNDIM Text switched to black and I can read it again !

    Just that my Structure Tree content,
    (where I often also had problems with readability)
    was 2 colored !?
    Half objects white, other black Text.
    (But all readable)

    At least a Bricscad Restart did help. Structure Tree Text all white now.

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