LISP "Layer_Creator.lsp" Routine Coded for ACAD Does Not Recognize/Set BriscCAD Colors

Which part of the code (or variable name) must be changed for the attached lisp routine (developed for AutoCAD) to set BricsCAD's layer color numbers?

I have attached the LSP and README (that explains the format of the LYR resource files used by this LSP) files for your reference.

I examined the LSP code briefly but could not determine any glaring issues as I am in a time crunch today.



  • UPDATE: THE LSP runs as designed in AutoCAD 2020: I successfully created layers that included the correct colors just before sending the above question / request.

  • It would have been good if you had posted a link to the complete function at Tim's site. Having the .dcl and .slb files and your .lyr file would make testing a lot easier. A more complete description of how it does not work would also help. Are you getting an error message?

    Seems to work fine here. I do notice that the code resets the color value to 7 if what is in the .lyr file is grater than 255. That probably makes 'bylayer' not an option.

  • Hi Martin,

    I have included the specific resource LYR file (to upload it here, I had to change the extension to TXT - change it back to a LYR file) that appeared have the issue with setting colors. See if the color codes 5, 34, 54, 204 are set in your test.

    The complete set of files for the application is in the ZIP file.

    Thanks for taking time,


  • *** SOLVED ***

    The text editor application, Crimson Editor, keeps files 'open' even after you close this application *** unless *** you explicitly close open files.

    Even after making changes and saving the layer resource file, it appears CAD could not use the edited copy of the still-open, layer resource file.

    In Crimson Editor, I closed this file and the Layer Creator program is working as designed - assigning the desired colors!

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