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Problem with polylines with a lot of vertex

Hello, I have a problem with bricscad, when I have a polyline with a lot of vertex when i select it it takes a lot of time to process (200 vertex or more). This doesn t happen even with a very old version of autocad. It has happen to you? Any ideas?


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    Quick experiment with a PL with 800 vertices shows a negligible delay. Try turning GRIPS off. Perhaps also look at SELECTIONMODES.

  • It worked with grips off, I would like to see the grips, but meanwhile I ll turn them off when the polylines are too big. Thanks

  • Note that for me the delay is negligible. So your experience with a PL with 200 vertices ('a lot of time') seems strange.

  • @PedroParamo
    Send in a support request and attach a drawing you have the issue with. Our analysts will be glad to look into your issue and try to help you out.

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