How to interpret the ruler in manipulator, pushpull.

Sometimes when using the manipulator or pushpull, I get it to do the opposite direction of what I intended. For a while, I thought that moving the component past where it is in a given direction allowed one to enter a positive value for distance in that direction, but that doesn't work reliably. Then I though that possibly the coordinate system determined the positive and negative direction but that isn't reliable either.

So, what's the secret to specifying a direction?


  • It depends on the setting of DYNMODE.
    With DYNMODE on, (unprefixed) numeric input will always be applied in the direction of the cursor respective to the face (in or out of the solid), while with DYNMODE off, a positive value will be applied in face normal direction (to the outside of the solid), an a negative value against the normal direction (towards the inside).

    This is one of the inconsistencies that I find quite disturbing, since I (have to) work with both settings. The same applies to grip editing, where input is interpreted as either translation or resulting length. Sadly, such design decisions are probably hard to revoke...

  • Thank you for the reply.

    Have you read this anywhere to reach your conclusion or is your knowledge arrived at by experience?

    I've watched the videos and read what I could find and never discovered what you've stated. I'm going to experiment using your suggestions.

  • No, I did not read this in the docs... maybe it is documented somewhere, but I just concluded from my modeling experience.

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