Ubuntu 19.10, BricsCAD V20 = opening a drawing from desktop freezes Gnome

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Hello, I have run into a very banal issue with BricsCAD v20 under vanilla Ubuntu 19.10: if one tries to open a drawing (dwg) from the file manager an error is displayed behind the BricsCAD logo popup (hence not readable/clickable!) and freezes the Gnome desktop (which is of course incredibly annoying!). There is no error message on the command line if one tries to open the drawing from there, but also freezes the desktop. v19 does not have this issue.
Has anybody else ran into this or is it just me? I do not consider opening a file from the file manager an extreme usage scenario, so it should have been tested through and through (right?)...


  • Confirmed, same here. Fill a bug report and hopefully BricsCAD team will take care about it. They respond well to support requests.

    Or should I fill it?

  • Thanks for confirming this Vaclav. I have never reported a bug to Bricsys before (in fact I am only on trial at the moment trying to find a good CAD software to migrate the office to linux), it would be great if you could report this.
    Thank you in advance!

  • Thanks for the report, I found out the way and reported this myself as well. 20.2.03 seems to solve my original problem, hopefully it works for you too. (Just read your topic about desktop integration.)

  • Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to this thread and I haven't filled anything yet. But it seems, that the problem solved itself in the meantime ;-).

  • No worries. Actually I did report the issue.

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