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Editing the Hatch in drawing views generated by VIEWSECTION

Hi all,

So, I've created several projected views in my layout but now that I've added a section view (used VIEWSECTION to create it), I need to edit the hatch patterns of the sectioned elements. In AutoCAD I can simply click on the hatch and make adjustments. That does not seem to be the case in BricsCAD. The hatch seems to be part of the section view and cannot be changed.



  • Here's a sample of what I'm dealing with for the VIEWSECTION created from my 3D model.

    The hatch in the magenta region should be ANSI32 and the black square should be a WOOD pattern. In AutoCAD, you can select the hatch in each region and make changes. Does not operate this way in BricsCAD.

    It makes me think you maybe need to assign a material or pattern somehow in the Model view and then when VIEWSECTION is used in your layout, it'll have different hatch patterns for each material that the section plane cuts through. If this is true, how is that done?


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  • I am also interested to know this.
    Anyone? :smile:

  • Well, apparently it is not something that is easy to achieve unless you want to add to your drafting time.

    The work-around I found is most definitely a kluge.

    1. After creating your section, go to your Layers manager and turn off the newly created BM_Hatching layer.
    2. Now, unfortunately, you'll have to draw polyline/rectangle boundaries over where the hatching should appear.
    3. Move those boundaries aside and hatch them manually with the hatch patterns you want.
    4. Move the hatches back to where they should appear and delete the boundaries.
    5. Wash, Rinse, Repeat for the next section.

    Hopefully, this will be added to, or already is, on the wishlist for next release.


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  • Hi RRProkopp,
    You do not have to do this complicated way.

    Best explained in this video:

    This new tutorial series are the most helpful and helped me to understand whole BricsCAD workflow the correct way ;-)

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