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Objects, components placement?

Hi, starting in BricsCAD and have sometimes problems to insert doors and windows in the wall. Happens in some files only, then in the same file it can be snapped correctly, then again no. I am confused.
See (or door) is floating somewhere in the space. Cursor and DYN UCS finds face of wall correctly, but window do not. Sometimes in this case I click and it is made in the wall like it should. Sometimes it floats somewhere in the space after click. Sometimes I see only placing dimensions on the wall (not window during placing), after make adjustmens to dimension and confirm, also window appear in the wall. But not always.

When I tried in new file, all works well. So my question is...what the hell am I doing wrong??? I tried also all options during placing (like change change insertion point, etc.), but no luck.
Does it have something to do with UCS ? I tried put them to world, but no luck again.

Thanks for help guys


  • I assume such screen actions and snapping are dependent on GPU.

    Beside a potential problem in Bricscad,
    on what operating system are you (looks like Windows?) and what
    kind of GPU do you have.
    Looks like you are on Bricscad V20.

    There are a few options for GPU and OpenGl in BC Settings.
    Also it is worth to install the latest driver from the GPU vendor,
    not just the one Windows update proposes.
    On Mac you are limited to (AMD and) what drivers Apple offers
    with OS updates.
    On Linux it may work better with proprietary Nvidia or AMD drivers
    vs standard Mesa graphic.

    Could be that I have seen similar problems in the past too,
    but I am not sure. At least not that often or repeatedly,
    otherwise I would remeber.

  • Hey, tahnks for answer. Right now I think I have found a solution. It is happening only when "ortho" is on! Not sure why, but without Ortho, it behaves like it should.


  • OK.
    I like ORTHO but as it doesn't lock absolute,
    I went to modern POLAR most times.
    Maybe the reason I did not experience your problem lately.

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