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Parametric Blocks in classic version of Bricscad.


  • Hi
    From the Website:
    BricsCAD classic is working with Dynamic Blocks:
    If you insert AutoCAD dynamic blocks into your BricsCAD drawing, you can, in most cases, edit those block instances. You cannot, however, create or edit dynamic block definitions in BricsCAD. Instead of offering dynamic block functionality, BricsCAD focuses entirely on parametrics. It allows you to create both 2D and 3D block definitions using the same set of tools and workflow.

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    I am not asking about dynamic blocks.

    I am asking if i can with licence of Classic version BricsCad to make new 2D Parametric Blocks.


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    sorry for not reading well.
    From the help:
    "All the tools you used to define the 2D parametric drawing are available in every edition of BricsCAD including BricsCAD Classic. However, to insert the drawing as a parametric block, you must have the Platinum edition."

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