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Tom Foster
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Something I'm not understanding about Cameras.

On the ground plane of my model, I draw Xlines radiating out into the 'scenery'. I place a Camera 1700mm vertically above the point where the Xlines radiate from. I open that Camera in VIEW, expecting to see those Xlines radiating away 'on the ground beneath my feet'. But they don't - the central one, along which the Camera is pointed, goes straight vertically up the middle of the 'photo' as expected, but the ones each side of the middle one are off to left and right and converging toward the horizon!

It's like I've placed the Camera so the Xlines' point of convergence is way behind the Camera - but on checking, that's not the case. Anyway, how could Xlines radiating from a point behind me, appear converging in the 'photo'?


  • Could you attache screen shots of the setup and the result?

  • Are there any Camera Clipping Planes activated ?

    Or Maybe XLines aren't really infinite ?

  • Tom Foster
    edited April 2020

    @Michael Mayer said:Maybe XLines aren't really infinite ?

    Quite infinite enough! Anyway, they're not curved i.e. radiating away from a point then converging again elsewhere (unless a 'ground plane' in Brics is actually the surface of a sphere!).

    In the attached, the blue line on the ground plane is the central one, along which the Camera is aligned, positioned 1700mm above the ground lines' convergence, and pointing 15o up.

  • Tom Foster
    edited April 2020

    In the attached, the blue central line is as expected, but the red ones to L and R converge into the distance rather than diverging from their convergence straight below the Camera

  • Seeking to reproduce (diagramatically) the attached. The orange line is sunpath, the green 'wall' is horizon, plotted from contour map.

  • Looks like your Camera View angle is about 180°
    So more a Fisheye Lens than an ultra wide angle Lens.
    I think s standard 20 mm pretty wide angle lens has only about 85° AoV.

    If that is the case, it should look like this.

    And if you rotate the Camera to look more upwards,
    like on your photo,
    the lines will also get distorted more inwards.

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