Block Insert to XYZ = Zero

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  1. A block was created from non-block entities located in the "source" file.
  2. The block was based on a non-zero, World UCS location and saved as the default "new block" filename and to the desired directory.
  3. Opening the default "new block" file, I moved the entities to XYZ = zero.
  4. I saved; renaming the file.
  5. This renamed file was inserted as a block into the "source" file.

Somehow, the original offset from zero remains after purging previous insert block definitions in the "source" file.

(I also purged the block and saved the "source" file but get the same undesired block insertion offset.)

Please provide a tip on how to redefine the block insertion point back to the desired XYZ= zero in the "source" file.



  • Have you checked INSBASE in the block file? That's the Base point that gets used when inserting into other drawings. Sometimes I find that value differs from (0,0,0), for no apparent reason, despite positioning entities relative to the WCS origin.

  • Will check INSBASE! Thanks!

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