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"Unable to locate sheet set" error

Hi all community. I am new to BricsCAD and start to like it a lot. But there some few things I have a problem with so maybe I will post few of "stupid" questions on the forum in close future :-D

Now what I fight from start is Sheet management. I come from Vectorworks and ArchiCAD so not familiar how classic CAD handles it, but I have managed to make it work.
Make my Sheet set template, then I make new sheet set in project, based on this template. I put fields in my layout that are populated automaticaly with Sheet set properties changes . Works well.

But what annoyes me is that Sheet set dissapears from Sheet set manager time to time, why? When closed, Brics makes error "Unable to locate sheet set" when saving file. I get it, Brics is looking for closed sheet set bound to project. I open it again. Great, works again and error disspeared.
But I would like to know, WHY it is closing? it seems to me that it is totally random.

Now, from yesterday the error comes always when saved file. Looking for some another sheet set file (even if I have mine loaded). Maybe it was temp created automaticaly, when I used Quick plot icon in sheet manager. But I am not able to remove this error...tell BricsCAD that I do not look for this temp sheet set anymore.

It has happened me before in test file and I removed it only by copying geometry to new file.
Would be great if somebody could enlighten me a little on sheet management. I could not find any clue on this error in forum or Google.



  • Update - now after mentioned error (looking for file in temp folder) my Fields in layouts do not update anymore. Looks to me that they belongs to "my" sheet set in the project folder, but BricsCAD still want to load some other sheet set in the temp file folder.

    Help pleeease

  • Another update in case anyone has the same problem with Sheet set closing randomly.

    It happens to me again in another file. After publishing to PDF, Bricscad wanted to load sheet set file from Temp folder on C drive. Ignoring opened sheet set which is also bound to project. It makes the "Unable to locate sheet set" error everytime i saved. Fields which take info from Sheet set properties do not update anymore.

    My solution is now to copy the mentioned *.dst file to the TEMP location, which is Bricscad searching. Then after save, it all works again.

    It is a bug or I am doing something wrong with sheet sets workflow :smiley:

  • Sounds like a bug. I would try turning off the option to "Publish in the background" and see if that makes a difference.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate
    CAD Concepts

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