Good 3D Mesh Editing Software

I've been modelling a slightly fancy boat mooring cleat that will be cast in aluminium. It has been a real struggle, and there are still messy bits I can't clean up. Geometry errors etc.

Is there any good 3D Mesh editing software with features like smoothing out odd errors, adding bevels etc. ??

All comments and opinions welcome.

I might have a look at meshmixer.

I was trying to use blender. But blender works best with stuff that you build from scratch in blender. Imported stuff can be really difficult at times.


  • @HelenGarcia said:
    Hi DFLY ,

    ZBrush can be a great help (ZRemesher Tool) apart from meshmixer which you are already considering.

    Thanks. I've heard mention of ZBrush. Looks very powerful for organic shapes.
    I had a look at some Meshmixer videos and it didn't quite seem right.
    Right now I'm fiddling with a trial of Rhino. I'll have to have a play with ZBrush too.
    I'm liking Rhino Quite a bit, because it exports models to mesh for Blender so neatly (Export to fbx seems to make perfect meshes).

    Regarding that mooring cleat. The dwg file was so buggy that nothing could import it and reproduce anything looking normal. I'm going to have to remodel the whole thing again in Rhino. But that will be a good test to determine how well I can work with Rhino (but I must find a fix to stop Rhino's right mouse button pan function).

  • Just a note. Rhino couldn't handle the fillets. I ended up fixing the cleat in BricsCAD by cutting and lengthening and re joining. Then it all worked.
    I did like Rhino though. It was quite challenging. But right now I don't have much use for it. But I did discover that Rhino is second to none for exporting to different (multiple) mesh formats. Good clean neat meshes every time.

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