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Creating a 3d solid from bottom and top


I want to create a 3D solid where the bottom and the top of are given in order. In the picture you can see on the left side the top view, and on the right side the side view. orange is the bottom, green the top.

How would I go about that?

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  • Thank you very much. That worked nicely. However, the result (surface as well as solid) have a whole in the bottom, which i need to close. Is there an option to put "lid" on the wohle?

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  • I think your Polylines must be "closed".

  • No, thats not it. Both objects (the upper rim is actually a spline) were closed.

  • Change the _MOde option.

  • Unfortunately, there is no differnce. However, the resulting solid is not watertight (I understand it should be?

  • Can you attach your source drawing?

  • Sure, Attached is the file with red bottom and green top, as welll as the two _loft results.

  • The control points of the spline in your drawing do not lie in the same plane: the spline is not 2D, but 3D.

  • Yes, that is the problem. If you look at initial picture, the slope of the lid is shown on the left side. Does this mean, that it won't work?

  • @Louis Verdonck said:
    The control points of the spline in your drawing do not lie in the same plane: the spline is not 2D, but 3D.

    Louis is correct. If you move the UCS to align with one of the green spline control points, you can run -Boundary command to create a Region that is the projection of the green 3D spline onto the XY plane. Explode the Region to give a planar spline, which can be lofted properly resulting in a closed solid.

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  • First of all: Thank for all the help, time and effort you guys put. That is really great.

    I've been fiddeling around myself, and managed to create to surfaces, that need to be connected. However, the loft command does not accept the objects. The top is a surface (_dmstitch) and the bottom a region, since its flat. But as I conclude from ScottS comment, the top has to flat also.

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  • so the problem is that you do want that non-planar top face.
    But Loft Tool seems to work with flat 2D Surfaces only.

    Should be doable with NURBS Tools.
    But I don't see any in Bricscad (?)

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