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Is it possible to create a distance constraint that is moving both selected faces from a Central point between the faces?

Let's say I have a column with 30x30 and beneath a foundation with 100x100.
I want to create a column with a central insertion point and a distance constraint for the length and width. I want to do the same for the foundation.
When I enter the width distance I want the faces to move in both directions, half distance in -x and half distance in +x.
So when I change the width of the column and the foundation, they remain aligned to each other.

If I define a distance constraint (3D) the one face is the "fix" face and the corresponding face is moving the whole distance entered.

In 2D (rectangle) when I use a dclinear constraint, I can define the distance from the middlepoint of the side to the corner of the rectangle. Then both sides are moving towards each other about the center of the rectangle. (it doesn't work in both x and y direction but in one direction.)



  • Use one of the World options as an argument for dm3dconstraint. The options are Origin, XY-plane, XZ-plane, YZ-plane, X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis.

  • edited April 24

    I forgot to mention that you must locate the center of the model at the WCS origin. But you might have figured it out yourself already ;)

  • Hi Louis,
    Thank you for the Info.
    I tried it but the distance constraint do not behave as I want.
    If I use the WCS, and Planes, I cannot stretch the Box, referring to these Planes allow just an axial movement.
    Do I miss something


    1192 x 668 - 5M
  • See sample model in attachment.

  • Thank you, Louis!
    Now I got it!

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