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Licensing questions related to maintenance and upgrading.

My first question:

If I hold a perpetual license, is it possible to "skip" years without paying the "maintenance" fee or will I lose my ability to upgrade at a later date?

Second question (I think I know the answer as I read other posts, but I safer to inquire again just in case):

If I upgrade to a higher version of BricsCAD, do I only pay the difference in price of the perpetual license fees? Or do I have to pay the purchase price of the entire program outright?


  • Hi Keith

    You can always upgrade your perpetual license to the current version, just take into account 1Y of Maintenance will be included in the Upgrade.
    So when you upgrade, you will also get access to the next Major Release.

    When you upgrade to a higher version you pay indeed the difference between the two versions.
    You need to be on the latest version to be able to do this of course otherwise you will need to upgrade to version too.



  • Thanks Mathieu.

    So if I originally opt for say, platinum on a perpetual license, and go a few years without upgrading, at that point, I can still only pay the difference in licensing fees if I upgrade to the 'BIM' or 'All-in' (hopefully I've got this right).

    That seems very reasonable!

  • @KeithsCADServices - if you have maintenance on the perpetual Platinum, you will pay the difference between Platinum and BIM. If you skip the maintenance, you first need to upgrade your Platinum license to the latest version. Then you pay the difference to move to BIM. If you have a V19 Platinum today, you need to upgrade that to the latest V20 first. Then you pay the difference between V20 Platinum and V20 BIM.

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