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To Admin, a few things we might tune up on forums



  • @Joe Good to know that the spell checker is local. Most forums that I frequent have their own spell checker.

    With regard to capitalizing BriscCAD: At least I didn't call it brics or brix...

  • @James Maeding said:
    I just got an email on a new post, only one email! Either someone fixed something, or people were double posting, then the admin removing the first.
    If that was the case, it was happening 90% of the time, so working on the posting speed issue will save the admin a lot of "whack-a-post".

    I just posted in the 3D section. When I hit the button to post I got the usual delay. Eventually I got a popup telling me there was an error and to try again in 30 seconds, which I did. Now there are two posts in the 3D forum.

    Which message is one supposed to follow, the one that's always listed mentioning things are slow and it was probably posted anyway or the popup that says to try again?

    Why is there the delay? Why is it the end users responsibility to make up for what programming is designed to handle?

  • My experience is that if you click to send the Post,
    the Post is sent successfully.
    What does not work sometimes is the feedback for the poster
    that his site refreshes and shows the final post in thread.

    If I experience any delay after sending,
    I wait a short amount of time.
    If it refreshes fine - if not, I do a CTRL+A to select all my words and CTRL+C - just in case.
    Then I open "Discussions" in a new Window .... and in 100% of cases I saw that my post
    is already there anyway.

  • @Michael Mayer

    The point is that none of this should be happening. Posts should be accepted in an eye blink. The back end we're hitting needs to be reworked to get rid of the delay.

    I'm on dozens or lists (software development, computer hardware, welding, aviation, solar energy, etc) and not one of them has any warning about posts not making it to the server because that just never happens. TCP/IP is a reliable protocol to deliver packets. it's what's done with those packets once they arrive at the Bricssys forum back end that's the problem.

  • Yes, it should not be like this.
    But there are just humans behind servers and software.

    It was just my 2 cents workaround for users that are irritated by this behaviour.
    I think it looks more frightened than it really is. Once you tried you may get more
    confidence, get less irritated and we see redundant duplicate posts.
    (I think I have seen nearly up to 10 duplicate posts from time to time. I had some
    tripple or octo-Posts too at the beginning)
    I can live with that workaround for now.
    And I really have these sending problems not that often.

    There is another Thread on the Forum about Forum issues with Bricscad people
    chiming in to say that they listen and interested and willing to improve the Forum.
    I think administrators already did a great job in fighting against recent Link SPAM
    issues. So I am totally confident.

  • @Michael Mayer

    After I got the second popup asking me to wait 30 seconds, I opened up another browser tab and hit the site to see if either of my post attempts made it and that's when I saw there was a double post.

    Having this happen on a cooking site might be excusable, but on a software site it should be embarrassing.

  • Yes, I agree it is not good and should not happen.

    Just I personally have priorities in different aspects of Bricscad where
    I would like to see spend Bricsys energy and extra love instead.

    But of course, communication and surface is important too.

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