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I can't use parametric blocks for some reason; I'm using the trial version.

I can't use parametric blocks; none of the grips/parameters appear. I tried messing with variables and got an error message; something along the lines of not allowing the variable setting with my license version...

Low priority but I'm curious if anyone's had/solved this problem.



  • Hi Keith

    Can you check with RUNASLEVEL command which version you are running?
    It seems you are running a lower version of BricsCAD that doesn't support this.
    If not, maybe best to check with Bricsys via a support ticket.



  • Thanks Mathieu. I had tried that but no luck. There are also variables that control the visibility of the parameter grips (I'm assuming) but when I try to change the parameters, it says my intended variable setting is not supported with my license type. Maybe because I'm on the trial version?

    Sorry for being a bit vague! Haven't had time to play around with the program as of late. I wish I could recall what the parameter names were.

  • @KeithsCADServices - The trial version you download is BricsCAD Ultimate (2D, 3D, BIM and Mechanical) and has everything you can get in BricsCAD. The only way to limit the functionality is, as Mathieu mentioned, to chose to run on another level than Ultimate (see screenshot). Instead of using the RUNASLEVEL command directly, I always use SETTINGS and then search for RUNASLEVEL, and use the drop down selection. If this is set to Ultimate, you should have everything available in BricsCAD.

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    Since the OP mentions 'grips': Is the problem really about parametric components, or is the OP instead talking about dynamic blocks?

  • Hi Roy,

    I'm not seeing the parameters appear in the properties. I haven't attempted to import any AutoCAD dynamic blocks (not this trial at least, but found they worked pretty okay previously).

    Basically I've set up a parametric constraint, as far as I know in the correct manner, but my blocks show no signs of the parametric constraint existing. No grips appear (note that AutoCAD has grips for both dimensional constrains as well as dynamic parameters), and as mentioned, nothing appears in the properties other than the typical block properties. I did a BricsCAD trial a couple years ago and didn't have this problem.

    I'm having other problems with the program so I can't play around with it further unfortunately. I think we'll have to let this one rest I guess. I was hoping someone else had a quick and easy solution I could try. I bet it's something minor.

    Thanks again all!

  • Are you using the appropriate command to insert your BricsCAD parametric component? You should not use _Insert, but _BmInsert or _BimInsert.

  • Thanks Roy. I'm trying to do something quite a bit simpler however.

    Basically, all I am trying to do is add a dimension

    I think I found the culprit: BricsCAD doesn't support parametric blocks yet? I swore it did. Anyways this YouTube video shows that they are still working on these features:

    Basically, when I add dimensional constraints, they just do nothing. But not only do nothing, they don't appear in my properties or Rollover Tips. In other words I am stuck with 1990's level AutoCAD Blocks.

    Getting the program to work like I want is just beyond the reach of my finger tips; so close yet not quite there!! To be honest I had great success with my previous 30 day trial. It seems like the program has changed quite a bit. There's been some advances but also lots seems missing.

  • You are explaining the issue in a way that is confusing.

    For much of this discussion you have used the term 'parametric blocks', when in fact you meant AutoCAD's dynamic blocks. And, contrary to what you have said, you have imported such a block and attempted to edit it. Indeed BricsCAD does not allow the editing or creation of dynamic blocks.

    But BricsCAD has its own system of parametric components. And all the other people who have participated in this topic assumed you were referring to that.

    Also see my first contribution.

  • Hi Roy. I'm sorry for explaining my issue in a confusing way. The video in my last post depicts EXACTLY what I want to achieve. Nothing more nothing less.

    Please note that nowhere in this post do I mention trying to create an 'AutoCAD dynamic block'. I only mention that I have not tried to import a dynamic block (although I did so successfully when I activated a free trial a couple years back). I have done so with previous trial versions. Also please note that I am fully aware of the differences between dynamic and parametric blocks. I know that AutoCAD has a patent on 'Dynamic' blocks and other CAD programs typical only use either static blocks with attributes, or blocks with editable parameters. Such parameters can for instance, control the length of an object. They will either contain a grip or a custom property which is typed in. It may be confusing for someone who isn't familiar with AutoCAD's Dynamic blocks specifically; their blocks contain grips for both there dimensional constraints and parameters driven by actions. At this point I have concluded that either 1) 2D parametric blocks don't function in BricsCAD (yet - based on the video) or 2) Something's wrong (a setting or something else) with my BricsCAD.

    2) You suggest two commands in a previous post: _bminsert and _biminsert. I can assure you that neither command is really related to my issue. The video in my link in my previous post should (hopefully) make it clear what I'm looking for specifically here.

    3) I later found a video depicting exactly what I am trying to achieve (see my last post). Whether or not the dimensional constraints have grips or not (grips would be preferred).

  • I already learned that Autocad has dynamic Blocks.
    Bricscad can load and read them, in most cases manipulate those
    dynamic behaviors. But not create or edit these definitions.

    But I never heard of Autocad "parametric" Blocks before and Google
    search doesn't help. I only find "Dynamic Blocks vs Parametric "Drawing".
    For me that sounds like Bricscads 2D/3D Constraints.

    Is it possible that those Parametric parts in Autocad Drawings don't
    translate functionally into proper Bricscad Constraints in your case ?

  • I have now looked at the video you have linked to (should have done that before), and realize I was mistaking in my conclusion that you were talking about AC's dynamic blocks. Sorry for that.

    In the video a BricsCAD feature is showcased, so what you are seeing is obviously possible in BricsCAD. Maybe if you look at some tutorials things will make more sense?

    Maybe this one (note that the _BmInsert command is used):

  • Thanks for the info Roy,

    After looking at the video again it looks like an animation rather than actual BricsCAD workflow.

    I diligently followed the tutorial. Although I can insert the same block with different parameter settings, it appears that you can't change the parameters after the block has been inserted. It's stuck as-is. To throw a wrench in the gears the bminsert dialog box also won't show (I had to manually copy and paste the file path into the command line). Also, oddly, one needs the 'platinum' edition to insert a 2D parametric block. I feel like this basic feature should be included in 'Classic'. It's not like it's cutting edge.

    Anyways, I have to conclude that blocks aren't BricsCAD's strong suit. The program works really well in other areas but is way behind in the block department.

    I appreciated all the help on this! I'm going to sit on what I learned and not go any further. Hopefully there are some improvements in future releases :-)

  • Hi Keith,

    Sorry that you are struggling with getting Bricscad's parametrics to work.

    I have attached a zip file with some movies in, showing three ways of working with parametrics.

    They can be inserted into your drawing in a number of ways.

    Using BMINSERT, using a Tool Palette or using the Drawing Explorer.

    If you insert from a tool palette you don't need to explode it to see the parameters in the properties palette, you just select it.

    The same applies to using BMINSERT.

    If you insert using the Drawing Explorer then you will need to explode it to alter the parameters.

    I have also included the drawing that I use in the videos so you can have a look at it.

    I suspect the video you saw with the chairs going round the table was done by using the Animate command on individual parameters as I illustrate in the BMINSERT video.

    By the way the videos and the parametric drawing were all created using Bricscad Pro and NOT Platinum.

    There may be other ways you can work with parametrics in Platinum, Ultimate etc. I don't know, but these workflows are sufficient for how I do things.

    Hopefully this will make things clearer for you; whether it is the way you need Bricscad to work I obviously can't say.

  • I'm piecing together what's going on here. One thing to note is that no dialog box is appearing when I use the 'bminsert' command (there seems to be something wrong with my BricsCAD, some dialogs appear such as 'hatch', 'insert', other dialogs don't and only use the command line, open and bminsert in this case). So anyways, the 'mechanical' browser appears and that allows me to modify the parameters (I wish the parameters would just appear in the 'properties browser however) - I've gotten the blocks to work 'successfully'. I'm not finding this a very convenient solution unfortunately. And I'll have to teach someone else this as well... that could be the deal breaker. Imagine showing this to someone who's used to AutoCAD blocks and trying to sell them on switching to BricsCAD?

    I'm not trying to stir up trouble on the forums by saying so but BricsCAD is way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on block development. Some people appear to be very emotionally invested in BricsCAD and I don't want to ruin anyone's weekend ;-) . I'm not expecting the program to work like AutoCAD. I have a limit on how less convenient things can become; I can live with some downgraded features. The program seems to run much smoother so I can make-up time elsewhere. But the blocks are just too far behind to support my workflow. Another kick in the nuts is the fact that bminsert is only supported in Platinum (or Pro?) edition. It's not like this is some elite, cutting edge feature; it's 20 years behind AutoCAD.

    The program has some huge positives: great performance, the menus/CUI interface 'look' better and more user friendly (I'm not a big fan of AutoCAD's CUI), and the Mechanical features look amazing (makes me wish I was a mechanical drafter). I do believe the program has real potential. I'm afraid of the developers are going down a similar route as Autodesk, in that they prioritize flashy features over refining the simpler aspects of the software.

    One trick up my sleeve is that I am a LISP programmer. One option for myself would be to create LISP routines that create geometry that makes up for the lack of block features. The perfect solution provided my LISP ability is worth the $2,000+ I'll save on subscription fees.

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    post removed, I'll start another thread.

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