sum of distance/ length annotations

Is there a routine that sums numeric text entries please?

I have need to obtain the sum of straight numeric entries in a dwg.
Not the total number of entries but the sum of the numeric text

Egs Sum of 300.25 and 500.08 and 100.25 = 900.58
I'm just after the total as a single text entity

I Googled but the word add and sum takes one all over the place!


  • You can sum numeric entries in a table in Brics CAD. But I think that if you just enter text or multitext in the viewport, then CAD just recognises it as a string of text and not a numeric value.
    If you are trying to sum the lengths of lines or some other geometric object then there are other ways.

  • Richard,

    If you type in Sum Text Autolisp into a search engine, you should get quite a few results applicable to your requirement.

    One that springs to mind is:

  • Many thanks to both of you for taking time to reply.
    David the lee-mac routine looks to be it.
    I did find others.
    Marvellous thing Google when you ask the _appropriate _question.!

    Again many thanks

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