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MButton Functionality

Hi All

As the forum title suggests, I am transitioning from ACAD to BCAD :)
In doing so I am trying to get all my lisps and settings work properly in BricsCAD before I bid farewell to ACAD but I have encountered some dramas. Hope someone can help me on this journey. In ACAD I like to have MButtonpan set to 0 and the Osnap menu popup instead. Not sure why I am unable to achieve this here. Yesterday was the first day I used BricsCAD and it did seem to work for a bit. Then I tried setting the command alias which seemed to reset itself every time I restarted the application. Hence, I went to customisation and 'reset to default'. This did not fix the disappearing alias but it definitely stuffed up the osnap menu. Now it doesn't matter if MButtonpan is 1 or 0 I still cannot access the Osnap menu without the Shift+RtClick. I have kept persevering with the alias and copy pasted the user defined alias from acad.pgp to the bottom of default.pgp. Currently that seems to be holding fine.

Could someone advise if there is a variable that is conflicting and stopping the Osnap menu from working. Currently in a command I get temporary tracking every time I click the middle button. I didn't use it much in ACAD but here it seems like a valuable tool. Either way I would like my Osnap menu back



  • In Bricscad the best way to set MBUTTONPAN would be by using the SETTINGS command.

    For changing a mouse button use the CUI command then the Mouse tab. You can also change Command Aliases in the CUI.

    Items in the SETTINGS pop-up that can be changed (a few are read only) retain any changes you make when you close BricsCAD. In the case of MBUTTONPAN you may need to be sure that you do not have any lisp routines of other add-ins that change the setting for MBUTTONPAN.

  • Hi Martin,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have narrowed down my problem to (load "Acetutil.des"). I tried loading the Express Tools from the application store and it seems to disable the MButtonPan behaviour. So for the time being I have unloaded that Express menu. I hope there is a solution wherein you can use both in tandem.

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