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Text Screen background colour


It's me again. How do I change the textscreen background colour or at least the cursor colour while in the textscreen or both? Currently the cursor disappears in the background colour. I think it is important while selecting text data but right now it is more like a stab in the dark.

Any suggestions?


  • Also in SETTINGS. Search for BKGCOLOR and BKGCOLORPS. You can also change the cursor colors using XCOLOR, YCOLOR, and ZCOLOR. Color 7 is "smart" and toggles between black and white depending on whether your background is light or dark.

    The ebook at would be good to read.

  • Hi Martin,
    None of those helped. The textscreen background as in the options is CmdLineListBgColor, CmdLineOptionBgColor and CmdLineFadingLogBgColor. I have set them now to Black and the cursor is now visible. I wanted to adjust the textscreen cursor colour but now I have gone the other way and changed the textscreen background colour to make things work.

    Thanks for trying to help. The suggestion of the ebook is definitely great, it is very helpful

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