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StoryIndicator lacks flexibility

Generating a vertical section, a "story indicator" is added to the 2D section block.
It looks nice (if you want to see it) on a "standard" 1/50 section, but...

  • it is an annotation, but gets hard-coded with building geometry in the resulting section block...
  • no straightforward way to switch it on/off (deleting the block in the support folder? / move all block-entities to dedicated layer wich can be frozen in resulting section? /...)
  • does not react "annotative" : a detailed section (e.g. 1/5) results in a HUGE indicator...

Any suggestions for best practices/user controlability?


  • Hi, did You somewhow manage to control this story indicator?
    I mean, it looks good and I would leave it in the drawing, but I have two buildings and stories of both are plotted into resulting block. I need just one of them and cannot turn it off. Also I did not find any place, where to turn off plotting of them completely. It seems to me, that if You have stories defined, then in every section, You have these plotted...which is ridiculous. They are on layer 0, so freezeing turn off also other things which I do not want to.
    It would be enough to have them on separate layer to turn them off. And better, to have them on layers by building.

    Only workaround for me is to turn off layer 0, which one shouldn´t do in CAD. Then insert only the _StoryIndicator block as separate.

    Hope that Bricsys is aware of this issue and will make it work like it should.

  • edited June 22
    as a workaround you can use bimpatch to edit the section and scale/get rid of the markers, not perfect, but for the moment...

    it would indeed be nice to have some control over the scale and the layers where these markers show up.
  • I will look into BIMpatch, did not know about it. But I think it is only another workaround and markers should just go into theirs layers when generated :-)

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