How to remove a license when the GUI won't come up?

Turned on my UBUNTU machine and the GUI won't load. All I have is the command line.
journalctl shows nothing.
How do I remove the license so I can nuke the box and reinstall everything?


  • I'd file a support request and ask Bricsys to do this for you.

  • I did as you suggested about 10 seconds ago. What timing!

  • Can't you choose the previous kernel from boot options ?

    No GUI loading is standard for me booting Open Suse Tumbleweed
    after a 0.x kernel update ....
    They offer the kernel upgrade about 1-2 weeks before they upgrade
    the NVidia drivers for the new kernel ....

    So for that period, I choose to boot from the previous kernel which
    allows me to later upgrade to the NVidia driver update.

  • Grub doesn't come up for me to choose. I've determined it isn't a kernel issue - it's X and the relationship to the Nvidia driver for my P400 board. The startx fails : 'Failed to set IPOL - _not permitted.'

    I did my usual apt dance yesterday to install the latest of everything and something went wrong on the next boot which was this morning.

    The NVIDIA drivers for that board have given me issues since day one. All the newer versions I download periodically directly from NVIDIA's site have the same problem. Their install script fails and I have to manually install the driver for every kernel or significant library update. I know when I have to fix things when my screen shows up at 640x480. This time I never saw a login screen, just the rudimentary terminal.

    I can reinstall an O/S in a few minutes because I've scripted everything. I maintain a few dozen boxes and wrote the scripts to guarantee they all come out identical. The only thing holding me up from nuking the box, reinstalling and reloading data from a backup server is the BricsCAD license.

  • If you can no longer access your machine/run BricsCAD, then you can manually revoke the current activation from your Bricsys account that the license is attached to.

    Jason Bourhill
    BricsCAD V20 Ultimate

    CAD Concepts

  • I try to only install NV drivers from distro repositories.

    But because your Bricscad License issue, it would be best if there
    would be any chance to access the current system to free the license.
    I also lost one BC License when my Windows(!) broke completely during
    an Upgrade.

    For me it is a bit of embarrassing to ask for a revoke :)

  • @Jason Bourhill
    I can access the machine but only via the terminal. I'm hoping that Bricsys has a way to do it from my end without the GUI. I have internet access on the box on a public IP. I'm behind 2 firewalls on my end and my ISP has a proxy server that always gets in the way by denying DNS queries. I've been meaning to have them turn off their proxy server in their fiber optic router, but then Covid intervened. According to the local 'rules' I'm only allowed out 1 day every 2 weeks and trying to get into the mall where the ISP is located is near impossible because they have their own rules imposed by guards.

    @Michael Mayer
    The drivers for the board via the repositories didn't work. That's what I tried first for the obvious convenience. I was forced to go direct to NVIDIA.

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