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Exiting the BEDIT Command after a BricsCAD crash

Whilst using the BEDIT command my version of BricsCAD crashed. Gave me the option to try and recover the file which it did.
On opening the recovered file it takes me straight into the BEDIT view again. How can i come out of this and go back to my original drawing?
Note BCLOSE didnt work, stating ** Command is not allowed. BEDIT was not called **

Any help appreciated.


  • I've never seen this problem, but my first approach would be to created a new, empty drawing and insert the drawing you recovered into it. If the drawing inserts properly I would audit and save to a new file name, shut down Bricscad, then open the new file.

  • Thankyou for the suggestion H Martin Shoemaker. Unfortunately it didn't work and inserted the BEDIT view as well. Bit of a weird one as the file size would suggest that all the data is still there. Its a shame I cannot share the file due to CAs.
    I did manage to retrieve an earlier copy from my temp file luckily as it also hadn't saved a backup.


  • Louise,

    If you file a support request ( and give them the dwg file, they should be able to solve the problem for you.

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