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Solid hatch printing problem

Hi all,

I use solid hatching to suggest shadows on windows, for example, in different shades of gray (less then 50 however).
Boundaries are drawn, in part, in a construction line layer, set to not plot, often using "pick points..."

The hatch's own boundaries are visible in the print however.
Boundaries around hatches are seemingly marked by a darker grey line. As are construction lines running through a hatch. So, construction lines become visible...
Print preview looks fine.
Pdf on screen looks fine, but prints wrong.

Problem occurs in Bricscad v19 and v20.
Old Acad 2004 Lt handles this just fine...

Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • edited August 2020 Answer ✓

    I like the technique!

    Don't see what you're describing, though. I'm running Version 20.2.09 (x64) revision 80989 on a Win7 (still) Pro (64) box.

    Edit: Should add that I changed a couple of the hatches from solid to lines while experimenting.


  • It would help to see the pdf files that you generate. I don't see what you describe here.

    Plots look like I would expect them to here. There are differences when I use Bluebeam, DocuPrinter, and the built-in pdf driver in Bricscad. These are mostly related to whether the driver handles 'lines merge' or not.

  • Thanks Martin & Richard,

    Found a setting 'merge control' (plotter configuration editor --> settings --> graphics) set to 'lines overwrite'.
    Set it to 'lines merge' --> problem solved for Pdf

    Going straight to printer still a problem though. Setting 'merge control' also exists but makes no difference.
    In Acad 2004 Lt this is set to 'lines overwrite', but print comes out fine.
    In Bricscad (v19.2.07 x64 rev 61634) I get the lines, no matter...

  • There are many printer drivers that have a lines merge option that does nothing. So far as I know any driver which uses Ghostscript will not honor lines merge settings. The only drivers I know of where lines merge actually works are Adobe and Bluebeam. I have not checked in a while so there may be others now.

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