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ACCESS_VIOLATION (C0000005) crash and freeze pc

edited August 2020 in 2D Drafting

Hello i am trying bricscad but i am not very happy because my pc was freeze and blocked 2 times while clicking on a file in explorer.
I have a win7 64bit system with 16 giga ram
nvidia quadro k600 1giga ram

log file give me:

Unhandled Exception:
ACCESS_VIOLATION (C0000005) in module kernel32.dll at 0033:000000007707AC98


  • Have you updated your video driver? Most reports of this error (many programs, not just Bricscad) seem to be issues with system files or drivers being out of date or incompatible.

  • null
    Yes of course but because my pc freezed i think is very serious
  • is inammisible that a paid program crash constantly and random, i want buy it but today after last crash i uninstall forever

  • KinKin
    edited September 2020

    Hi jim78b,

    I am sorry to hear BricsCAD isn't working as it should on your computer, but I am aware you have posted the same issue twice in the forum. I would suggest you file in a support request here: and I will close your previous post.

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