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Briscad lags with drawing response

I've been test driving Bricscad for almost the 30 day trial now and it does deliver what it promises but....

The one thing we can't seem to get around is the lag that occurs with selection and other critical operations like move, copy..etc. It actually makes the program unusable for someone who would run it continuously.

Is anyone else having this problem or is Bricscad aware of this and working on it?


  • I would help to know something about your computer and to know what your operating system is. I've used Bricscad for many years and I haven't seen a lag in what I do. Older i7 and Windows 10 here. My drawings tend to be relatively small and I have grid, snap, etc. turned off. Are your files large and complex?

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    I'm running win10 on a new dell workstation i7-9800 16 gig ram with a Quadro card. We really notice the lag on a move or copy command. Doesn't matter if its one piece of text or 1000's of objects, the cursor suddenly can't keep up with the mouse. We've also tested it on some older Alienware computers with GeForce cards and get the same results.

  • What type network do you have? Is Bricscad installed locally? Are you running any lisp or other programs that would interact with the network?

    I suggest filing a bug report. What you're seeing is not normal.

  • I appreciate the help, but as I stated above we are not actual paying customers. We were evaluating Bricscad, and therefore I'm not sure I can or would want to consume Bricscad's time issuing a bug report. (Paying customers first, I'm assuming) After all the PC's in the office exhibited the same behavior we really just think it's something in the way Bricscad works. We're looking forward to V21. Hopefully it won't act this way.

  • Hi Fossa, good bug reports are like a valuable treasure for Bricsys and all paying customers. Please don't hesitate to submit a ticket.

  • Hi. I have been using different versions of BricsCAD for a long time and have never noticed critical lags. On the contrary, the ease of rotation of 3D models causes a wow-effect for all AutoCAD users.
    I noticed that Brics takes a long time to open complex 2D files (over 300,000 objects in the model). And what's really annoying is the slow execution of the .Net plugin code. But no problem in simple operations. I'm sure your problem has a very simple solution.
    Could you attach the drawing that is causing your lag. And maybe record a video?

  • I just turned on the wireframe visual style instead of the 2dwireframe visual style and now it is very smooth. In fact any other visual style fixes this. Why is 2d wireframe so slow on move and copy? It must have something to do with the graphics acceleration or some 3d settings I'm guessing. Unfortunately any style other than 2dwireframe doesn't allow for draworder.

    Is there a way to toggle graphics acceleration like in Autocad?
    Graphicsconfig doesn't seem to be a command.

  • Quite strange. I don't see any performance difference between 2dwireframe and wireframe. And I don't see any external differences either.
    Indeed, the BricsCAD interface has forgotten some important buttons. Including there are no ShadeMode switches, no UCS settings. And the entire ribbon interface leaves the impression of "hastily done". You have to memorize commands or use the classic menu. But I spent a few days and made myself an "All In 1" ribbon. I can share if you are interested. Fortunately, in the CUI settings dialog, everything works as it should, the quality of the program is an order of magnitude higher than that of AutoCAD.

  • I'll issue a bug report as soon as I figure out how. I changed the resolution of my 4k monitors down to 1K and the lag is almost gone. It seems to be something with move and copy performance with 4k monitors. Again bumping the visual styles into 3d remedies that but causes other problems when trying to draft in 2d. Some of our other guys run 2k monitors and experience the same issues. I'll install at home on a non 4k monitor or graphics card and see what happens.

    thanks to everyone for helping with this.

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