BricsCad ver. 20.2.10 (Platinum) throws an error for Dcl dialogue box

Hi Forum,
We have coded a lisp based product configurator for several years, which is used both internally and by external customers, running on ACAD and BricsCAD across many years of versions.
Most of the dialogue boxes have now been converted to OpenDcl, but there are still a few of the old .dcl ones left.
Today one user reported back an error when opening dcl type of dialogue box, the caption in error box was:
Syntax error in DCL parser
and the message says:
C:......\Omega.Dcl 1961: Syntax error - unexpected symbol 'key'

This user is on Platinum ver. 20.2.10, (just FYI)
I checked the Omega.dcl and it seemed ok, also the same is running on Bricscad from 16 to 20, and first time this issue has popped up.
We tested 2 different functions in the code which used different dcl dialogs but within the same .dcl file, and both of them gave this error.

Hope somebody can guide me to how I can resolve this.



  • The error message indicates the line number where the error occurs. I would look for missing semicolons first.

  • Thanks for hint, Roy.
    Line 1961 is the
    key = "keyname";
    and looks ok with semicolon and all

    But, he line 1960 just above is the
    label = "label text";
    and that us using a special character for half 1/2, maybe that is causing the problem.
    On our internal versions 16, 17 and 19, this did not happen, but the will have our external user test the dcl again after the 1/2 character has been removed.

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