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  • Interesting news regarding the M1. So I'm new to the BricsCAD family buying my copy of Lite a few weeks ago. I think on the PC it is absolutely amazing, very very fast and a real pleasure to use. Now for the bad news, I just don't think the MacOS version is quite up to par. I also have a perpetual ARES Commander license current 2020 version and am running it on my Mac as well. As much as I hate the interface it really seems to be a little smoother possibly better written code wise. I will look forward to V21 with some possible improvements to the performance.

  • betazero
    edited November 2020

    Just played a game of Heroes of the Storm on High settings and it works freaking flawlessly!!! I am on wireless too and it ran like my wired iMac. The area just above the Touch Bar gets a little hot but my 2019 MacBook Pro 15" would get hot under the keys which was very uncomfortable. My 15" could cook an egg... This one just gets warm. I can't imagine when its a native app..... WOW...I am totally surprised... That means the Mac mini works pretty close to this too so for a grand you can get a gaming machine.... I think that 16 gigs will be important though since its shared memory.

  • EdwardC - Bricscad for Mac has a couple quirks which hopefully V21 will iron out but it works great on Mac too. The mouse cursor vanishing and crosshair changing color are really the only ones bothering me right now. Open sometimes forgets to open a window but I have been told this could be due to one of my lisp routines. Bricscad removes an annoying NLS warning that Autocad used to give when using exported DWGs from Sketchup so for me it works on par with Autocad for Mac minus the ability to modify dynamic blocks which makes me sad. Hopefully parametric blocks will become as good as dynamic blocks. Visibility states is a step in the right direction. For me it works great and can only get better ( amazing how on par with Autocad it is !! ) . Autocad for Mac worked like crap until 2019...4+ years and it was unusable. I have been using Bricscad for Mac and working on it so I am fine with that. I prefer that over having to be stuck in Windows.

  • I think on the PC it is absolutely amazing, very very fast and a real pleasure to use. Now for the bad news, I just don't think the MacOS version is quite up to par.

    Unfortunately that is also my experience, since a few years.
    There are anomalies in Mac GUI and UI Customization, lots of freezing,
    Resetting "config" file often needed, more App freezing, missing features
    and various things. It is stiil just not the same experience for Mac/Linux vs
    Windows version.
    (At least with the later Vxx.2 versions in late Summer you can work reliably)

  • betazero
    edited November 2020
    Never has the app frozen for me(crashed a couple times but due to misbehaving lisp routines I have been fixing) For me there really isn’t any features I need other than something like dynamic blocks so not sure what’s missing. Never have I had to reset a config file. The only issue I have is that the open window doesn’t open sometimes and goes to command line and I have to restart the app. Maybe it’s good that I started with V20
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