BricsCAD-Shape + LAYOUT ?

With regards to BRICSCAD-SHAPE, the only downside I can see, is that there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated drawing sheet (LAYOUT) module to present ones work as a finished result after completing your drawing work. I realise it’s a free product & they want customers to progress to BricsCAD-BIM, however the step from Free to £1600 perpetual in my opinion is more of a leap that many small office users, such as myself, would find difficult in these uncertain times.

A solution in my opinion & opportunity to migrate considerable numbers of potential customers from the SU-CAMP (given their recent ceasing of the perpetual classic SU-PRO licence) & other 3D modelling programmes that doesn’t have a dedicated drawing sheet (LAYOUT) module, is for BRICSCAD-HQ to consider a new paid for LAYOUT separate programme with various import file formats. I guess this must have been considered, but perhaps downplayed as it may reduce numbers to the main paid for programme: BricsCAD-BIM. Conversely, if you have new customers using BRICSCAD SHAPE + BRICSCAD-LAYOUT, say at £300, then whatever the cost of BRICSCAD-LAYOUT, this could be discounted as a step to BricsCAD-BIM.

Just my observations & current thoughts.

In the meantime, is there a long hand way of creating drawing sheets in BRICSCAD-SHAPE ?


  • CJT, wouldn't Shape + Bricscad Classic do what you want? I can't get Shape to work on my computer, so I don't know.

  • CJT1963
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    @Anthony Apostolaros said:
    CJT, wouldn't Shape + Bricscad Classic do what you want? I can't get Shape to work on my computer, so I don't know.

    I think you misunderstood my creative observations, this was to enrich & benefit BRICSYS product line & a raft of potential new customers. I don’t need another CAD product per-se, as the professional architectural ones I have, can import most file formats, I was just exploring a replacement for SU-PRO in the not too distant future, not too sure if BRICSCAD-SHAPE will be that product if there are no plans for meaningful improvements.

    On another note regarding BRICSCAD-SHAPE, the product doesn't seem to have much of a following that I can find on YOUTUBE, for instance, with user videos or people from the SU-CAMP comparing the product. When I first set eyes on BRICSCAD-SHAPE, I must admit, I was quite impressed with the parametric architectural tools for a free product, given SU-PRO, doesn't have any such in-house tools.

    As I'm a long time user of SU-PRO & other architectural CAD programmes, I think it's time to give it a test drive to get a feel for it & report back.

  • Well, indeed CJT, I am astonished that Shape has no layout facility. I never got that far into it to discover its lack. Print Preview is a joke. How can Shape be of serious use to anyone without ability to output drawings? Is it really only a scratch-pad for ones private thoughts? Your idea for a £300 Layouts add-on, and your vision generally vs SU is spot-on.

  • Anthony Apostolaros
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    Doesn't this work?
    How to print to PDF - BricsCAD Shape

    And can't you save the file with the view you want and then open it in Bricscad? I was assuming that's how it works. Or maybe xref it in?

    The free version of Sketchup won't even export to DWG format. With the new online version of free Sketchup, I'm not sure it will even save SKP files to your hard drive.

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