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Compressing a 3D Drawing

Hello Everyone,

First of all I am a novice user in CAD, and many of the things that I have learned have been self thought. I mainly use CAD to work on process layouts in manufacturing. I am creating all my equipment in 3D, but there are some pieces of equipment that are very complex and I have obtained drawings from the manufacture. These drawing are extremely heavy and very demanding on the computer. Is there a way for me to really just copy the shell of the equipment. I am mainly concerned with overall dimensions (and not trying to build the piece of equipment, but maintain the visual appearance of the equipment in CAD). I created the drawing into a block at it did help. But is there anything else I can possibly do?

Thank you!


  • Most likely you have taken **polygonal ** equipment models (Mesh or PolyfaceMesh objects) somewhere. They are generally not suitable for CAD programs. Too many polygons. But I don't know if there are Mesh simplification commands in BricsCAD. There are definitely no such tools in AutoCAD. But they are in polygon modeling programs such as 3DS Max. To use in CAD, you need the simplest possible **solid ** models. For my tasks, I have to build solid models completely from scratch. I only take some sizes from the imported meshes.

  • Thank you AVC, your input is appreciated!

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