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Hello out there!

Im having a problem i nead help with...... when i turn on snap it only seems to be active when i actually moves or inserts an entity. I would like the crosshair to move
between snappingpoints always, but i cant get this to work....... any ideas???

Anders Lindblom


  • I don't know way to do so,
    but I also would like to have that behavior with all time snap.
    As I am used from my other CAD and use it to temporarily
    control positions/coordinates from status bar.

  • Marijan
    edited February 19

    I've already discusced this theme in "". It's the SNAPGRIDLEGACY command that is missing.
    I've made also a feature request and first got an answer that they really don't understand why someone would need this. In the second try with additional explanation they've said they would created a feature request task for this, but they could not promise if and when it will be implemented.

    I suggest that you also make a feature request. Because, the more people ask, the greater the probability that something will happen.

  • Thanx for your answers guys, then i atleast know that i dont have to look any more.......


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