C# - Is it possible to suspend (freeze) bricscad app?

Hi all!
I was wondering if is it's possible to freeze Bricscad GUI by API...
I'm reading its .NET object model but can't find any "Suspend" and "Resume" method for the BricscadApp.AcadApplication class.
Any hint or suggestion?

The idea is to call a method (let's call it SuspendInteraction()) which freezes/locks the GUI, in order to avoid users to select and run any Bricscad GUI command.
Of course, a method (let's call it ResumeInteraction()) which resumes/unlocks the GUI is needed as well.

The majority of editors/CADs/authoring tools provide aforementioned features, and (if available) I'd like to use them in my program.



  • A dumb way is open a dcl say with text "Please wait" it will sit there waiting for (term_dialog) will close it, this would be a lisp way to force a user say look at a excel sheet that has been opened and change something then continue.

  • Why You want that don't You trust your employees Bricscad locks the dwg so someone else can not open it and edit the drawing , they just can open it read only saving under the same name does not work and indeed a cad authoring system is even stricter when it comes to change a dwg. But freezing the GUI of Bricscad is bad for the IT department receiving many messages damn Bricscad hangs again lousy cad app

    On my previous work, strange a laptop , but ok , and using auto cad and Revit on a sudden time dwg's corrupted I message to IT but they did not act. I noted down the hours that I lost and came to 26 hours so the boss called to IT to fix this problem. At home I open a dwg and suddenly auto cad vanished, no problem started autocad again and open the drawing but, the drawing is vanished from the network. Then I wrote an angry mail and that's something that You never may do to an IT division but they got the laptop started and opened firefox and fatal error , after update of the firmware problems fixed. but damage has been done one week later exit company.

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