Bricscad freeze all pc again (win7 64bit)!!!

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I waited for version 21 to try it again but still with win7 64 bit the whole pc crashes and I have to turn it off and on again.
CTRL + ALT + DEL doesn't work.

i have win7 64bit
NVIDIA quadro k600
16 days of ram
Intel core i7
it is unacceptable for a product that you pay for !!!


  • Windows 7 is not fully supported by Microsoft. It's advisable to upgrade to windows10 Home if Your windows 7 is a home edition or windows10 pro if Your windows7 is a pro edition. So the crashing can be caused by windows 70 in the first place. If the pc crashes then usual via a blue BSOD note down the message an post that here.

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