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Adding BIM section to properties

Hi all,
This is my second 2nd week of learning Bricscad (moving from Sketchup) and liking what i see so far, but i do have lots of questions, so here is my first.

In this example i have used the Quickdraw to create the room. I then used the polysolid to create the small wall.

The quickdraw has created the BIM section under the properties area.

How do I get the BIM properties to appear for the small wall ?

Will this then change the entity to an element on the left BIM structure ?

Lastly what is the difference between an entity and an element ?

Thanks in advance



  • Sorry for the double post but i got a Server Error and to try again which i did.

  • So far the small Wall is just a Solid,
    Bricscad does not know it is a Wall.

    Just a few Tools like Quickdraw will automatically add Tags.

    You can Tag it manually with a Wall Tag,
    or just go on Modeling, like you would do in free Bricscad Shape,
    and finally run BIMIFY command in Bricscad BIM version, with suitable
    Settings, to let Bricscad do all BIM tagging automatically for you.
    You also can get all spatial locations, plan sections, elevations, ... that way.

    Works astonishingly well. Questionable Objects may just get generic
    IFC Elements, so you can isolate and examine these and change them
    to proper tags of your liking.

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