New release BricsCAD (OS of choice) version 21.2.02-1 en_INTL

why do I get now eMail notifications now,
announcing New release BricsCAD (OS of choice) version 21.2.02-1 en_INTL,
every few days in late April,
when these were already released starting from March 18 and already in my
use since many weeks ?


  • Isn't it notification of 21.2.01 as Release version, where previously you had it as Beta?

  • Could be.
    But my Beta notification was from February 25.
    And the Final release note date said March 18.

    I first thought it is because the localized versions (which I don't use)
    came some time later. And I may get the Mail Notification from
    local Bricsys. But if I watch their release date it is also already
    March 22.

    So it looks like I get my notifications 4 weeks too late ?

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