Switch off temporary tracking

Hi, When zooming in and out during an active command (say, draw polyline) I'm often getting prompted to 'specify next temporary tracking point' which interrupts the command. Since I don't use temporary tracking I'd like to turn it off, but I can't find any info on how.

Prior to the advent of temporary tracking, I don't recall there being a problem when zooming in and out during a command, or am I blaming temp tracking for some other issue?

Thanks IA


  • Yeah I've been getting that, but only since v21.2 In fact other things in the middle a Copy or Move - the command self-cancels, or converts into a delete of the whole selection set.
    To me, Temporary Tracking Point, and related function (whatsit called?) establishing a vector by ref to an existing element, are intensely needed in off-rectilinear work, but hopelessly unreliable.

  • No, not since v21.2... I do not remember when exactly they got the clever idea to hardcode a short middle mouse click to temporary tracking (same as entering TK on the command line), but it was some time ago. Usually hits me when I try to pan the drawing (and release the middle mouse button a bit too quickly), and yes, it often means you have to start over again. A real nuisance (like all hardcoded mouse bindings).

  • I also find, while using middle button v frequently, and repeatedly each time, for zoom/pan, that when there's an active command, each pan takes I guess 0.5sec to take effect after each button press+mouse move. This translates as a sticky, uncertain action and I find myself pressing harder and harder on the button, to make it 'take' - tho it's not the button but the delay that's the culprit. It's stressful when constantly repeated and really spoils enjoyment of Bricscad. When no comand is active, it's smoth and instant. Don't know if there's some setting, or is programatic, or my graphics card.

    In the midst of all that, a waver on middle button can produce the other effects I mentioned above.

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