hatch angle walls

in the materials dialog you can assign a hatch to a material under sections. If you place a wall and assign a composition to it (with a certain material, for example brickwork) and the wall is at a certain angle in the floor plan, the hatch remains the same on the x / y axis. This should turn with the angle at which the wall stands. Can this be set?


  • Any thoughts about this?

  • Hi Hans,

    Thanks for your question - Unfortunately, it's not possible to adjust the rotation angle of the section hatch according to wall orientation as intuitively as you have described. Hatch patterns in general take on the WCS by default.
    The current workaround, for now, is to create different Physical Materials, ie. Red Brick 45deg, for various compositions to address those elements on certain fixed angles in your project (other than the orthogonal ones) if that's not too much.

    This request has been raised by another user back in April and the support of this functionality is now on our Roadmap. You will get a notification when this issue is mentioned in the release notes of a future release.

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

  • Nice - and while they're at it, whether it's poss to apply, for insulation on section, something looking like the Batting serpentine linetype that's traditional on 2D drawings. Also the Zigzag.

  • Hi Tom,
    as shown - long time ago in London ;)
    this is done easily with SYSCAD

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