In AutoCAD has GRAVEL hatch. There is no such hatch in BricsCAD, which is why it is impossible to set any properties to it - when changed in the properties panel, it disappears. However, BricsCAD has the GRAVEL1 shading, but it cannot be used - at small scales it "crumbles". How to solve this problem? For example, I attach a file

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  • Roy Klein Gebbinck
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    Many hatch patterns have an accuracy problem when the distance from the hatched area to the hatch origin, relative to the hatch scale, is large. The GRAVEL1 pattern has a relatively low decimal precision for the angles of the hatch lines, which probably explains why it runs into this problem sooner than the AutoCAD pattern.

    Moving the hatch origin of the hatch closer to the hatch outline will fix this problem. You can also move the UCS before creating the hatch.

    Alternatively you can add a better GRAVEL pattern to your *.pat file, which is just a plain text file. Or create a separate file for this pattern in which case it can be used as a custom hatch pattern.


  • With more stuff at real world co-ordinates gravel and concrete both suffer that includes Autocad as well, as suggested pick origin pt before making hatch.

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