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Drawing explorer

Drawing explorer in BricsCAD is a great tool. Is there a way to keep drawing explorer open while working on drawings. Until now I just succeeded to copy/paste blocks between open drawings and inserting them in the active document. But it would be great to have drawing explorer open all the time, to be able to change text styles, dimension style when needed in the selected drawing.
Is there a way to do this?


  • Agreed, I would love for this to be available especially when using duel screens.

  • Agreed. It is not at all clear why this window is modal. I'm really looking forward to the fix.

  • Until then, maybe assign a function key to open the drawing explorer? You can do that in Tools / Customize / Keyboard.

    The Esc key closes it quickly. So if you assign the F1 key to open it, that might work nicely.

  • Just tap "XB" on your command line to activate the drawing explorer

  • I can only second the OP. The explorer is BricsCAD's command center and should be the application's main window, features like the start tab, the history window and most side panels could be integrated, so that you would just have to toggle between the explorer and the graphics area on single screen layouts, and have everything neatly arranged side by side on dual screen layouts. Making this window non-modal would IMO be a bigger boost for the GUI than the flood of side panels that are mostly too narrow to be useful.

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